Oleg Resuta

A fisherman from Betham


Oleg is a tall, broad-shouldered man of roughly 30 years. He’s bald, with a braided and well-groomed mustache. Faded tattoos cover his head, neck, and shoulders in the form of mysterious, archaic symbols. He’s a kind and welcoming sort, though he’s suspicious of outsiders, particularly monstrous folk.


Oleg was among the first to be born in Betham. He was raised to be a competent fisherman by his older brother and to respect the teachings of Melora by his litigious mother. As a result, Oleg is devoutly religious and speaks with his mother’s thick Cardusian accent. His oldest brother was killed in a raid by goblins nearly 10 years ago and has held a strong hatred of their kind ever since.

Oleg Resuta

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