Gowan Mullendore


Gowan is wider and shorter than his wife, with a leather apron over a large belly. A thin circle of curly, black hair rings his bald head. Like his wife, he is jovial and outgoing. Gowan spends most of his time in the kitchen, accessed via a door behind the bar. He can occasionally be heard swearing up a storm, usually accompanied with smoke billowing out of the kitchen.


Gowan was born and raised in Titan’s Gate to a family of merchants. Though his family was quite wealthy, Gowan had little interest in taking up his father’s mantle. When he was 15, he left Titan’s Gate and accompanied the pioneer caravan heading south to help them clear out what is now Betham and Saldon. He married Giselle under the great oak just outside of town when he was 19 and has helped her family with the inn ever since. He has long since been out of contact with his family and the Titan Bay Company, though he often wonders how his brothers are and regrets missing their father’s funeral.

Gowan Mullendore

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