Giselle Mullendore

Innkeeper of The Green Dragon Inn


Giselle is a tall, thin middle-aged woman with long, pale blonde hair tied up in a bun. She has a quick wit and ready smile. She wears a simple gown and linen apron stained with many years of alcoholic residue. The townsfolk may be suspicious of the new adventurers in town, but Giselle welcomes all with a bright smile, knowing new customers, however strange they may seem, are an opportunity.


Giselle was born in the Northern Sanction, in Pallem. She was brought to the south as a little girl by her family along with a group of pioneers seeking a better life in the ruins of the Southern Sanction. Ever since she’s lived in Betham and has been running the inn that her father built. She married Gowan when she was 17 and had her daughter Brecca when she was 20. She, like most folk in Betham, looks out for her fellow villagers and helps out where she can.

Giselle Mullendore

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