Brecca Mullendore

Daughter of Giselle and Gowan


Brecca is a teenage girl, which means she’s basically an adult as far as any of these people are considered. She’s thin, wears a simple dress like her mother and has her father’s black hair. She does all the odd jobs around the inn, she takes orders, serves the food, cleans, and does a little cooking. While her parents are both open and jovial, she acts like a little tyrant, chastising anyone who spills drinks, slops food, or tracks in mud.


Brecca grew up in Betham her entire life and has little context regarding the outside world. She often eavesdrops on the conversations of sailors and fishermen to hear stories about elven dirges and tremendous sea monsters. She often dreams about leaving Betham to see the north, but she is too young and inexperienced to travel on her own.

Brecca Mullendore

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